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EU Now

Aug 10, 2017

The EU Delegation's Senior Media Advisor Kasper Zeuthen catches up with the Head of Economic and Financial Affairs, Valerie Rouxel-Laxton for a check-up on the EU's economy.  Get an inside look on the successes and challenges as we face an increasingly interconnected global economy.

Aug 9, 2017

Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis, the EU's Chief for Health and Food Safety, a heart surgeon and historian who started his life in a Soviet Gulag, addresses issues such as food shortages and safety in a personal and unique manner.  Perhaps a humanist above all else, hear him explain why the way forward is “...a...

Aug 9, 2017

At the EU's 6th annual Common Security and Defense Policy Symposium in D.C., EU Delegation Spokesperson James Barbour catches up with Manuel Navarrete, head of Europol's European Counter Terrorism Centre, to discuss European security and counterterrorism efforts in the EU, as well as the status of EU-U.S. cooperation...

Aug 5, 2017

Kicking off the EU Now podcast series, EU Ambassador to the U.S., David O'Sullivan, discusses on Europe Day the 60th anniversary of the Schuman Declaration and 70th anniversary of the Marshall Plan, founding milestones of the European Union.