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EU Now

May 8, 2021

Unique traditions and celebrations abound across the European Union—and many of them take place outdoors during the warm months of spring and summer. On this episode, we speak with Ambassadors, Counsellors, and Officers of EU countries about the various traditions that are found only in particular European nations....

May 8, 2021

Welcome to Part 2 of our Outside With EU mini-series, celebrating Europe Day 2021! Simply being outside is a vital part of European culture—and there are many activities that can be found “on the trail” that are popular throughout the EU. On this episode, we explore three of them, starting with the culinary...

May 8, 2021

Welcome to Part 1 of our Outside With EU mini-series, celebrating Europe Day 2021! In this episode, we travel from Cyprus to Ireland, stopping at nations in between to discuss national sports and games that are key elements of various European cultures. From the classics such as soccer, basketball, and pétanque to new...

Jan 21, 2021

Rupert Schlegelmilch, Director for US Relations in DG Trade of the European Commission, discusses transatlantic trade relations under the new Biden Administration, how trade fits into the new EU-US agenda, WTO reform, and the EU's agreement on investment with China.

Dec 21, 2020

Senior Media Advisor Kasper Zeuthen talks to EU Ambassador Stavros Lambrinidis about the key events of 2020--and what to expect in 2021, including a new transatlantic agenda.